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Why Your Garage Door Needs Weatherstripping

Not many homeowners know the benefits of weatherstripping. For instance, weatherstripping your garage door can significantly lower your cooling and heating bills while at the same time preventing damage to the door. If the seal around your garage door is showing signs of wear, it may be time to consider replacing the weatherstripping to get its benefits fully.

In this post, Dodson Garage Doors LLC, your trusted garage door dealer, discusses some of the best reasons why you should consider getting new weatherstripping:

Why You Should Weatherstrip

There’s a gap between your garage door’s bottom and the driveway that lets dust and dirt get into your garage. While that may not be an issue for some, the problem will worsen when the weather changes and it starts to rain or snow. Flood water, mud, snow, and ice could come into your garage and even cause damage to your possessions.

Apart from that concern, you’ll also have to worry about rodents and other pests coming into your home through that gap.

Weatherstripping can address all those problems and more. It keeps out cold or hot air as well as moisture, ensuring that your garage is a comfortable space where you could work and do some tinkering if you need to.

When you use a weatherstrip, you also ensure that your belongings are safe from damages. Your tools will avoid rust because of exposure to weather elements. Your boxes and other stuff won’t be infested by insects and rodents. You can even store food and not worry about rodents eating them!

While it’s still recommended to seal the connecting door between the garage and the main living area, the correct installation of a weatherstrip can significantly reduce the risk of losing energy so you won’t worry about your energy bills rising.

Because the garage door’s bottom will not scrape against concrete, it won’t get worn out prematurely. And if you compare the cost of weatherstripping to that of a new garage door installation, the former is a lot lower.

Common Types of Weatherstripping

PVC stop molding is among the most commonly used seals for both the top and side of a garage door. You might think that a garage door lines up perfectly within the frame and that there should be no gaps once it’s closed. In reality, however, garage doors aren’t always a hundred percent lined up with the frame. That’s why PVC stop molding is installed on the edges of the frame to bridge the gap between the wood frame and the door. You only achieve a complete seal with PVC stop molding. You can get similar benefits with other types of weatherstripping products like vinyl flaps.

Most garage doors are also “dressed” with aluminum retraining tracks on the bottom, allowing either rubber, vinyl, or brush strips to slide right into place. In some cases, they are completely fastened with screws. The strips can then be unfastened and removed when they need replacing. Other homeowners prefer a more permanent solution so they get seals that are directly nailed into the door’s base.


Weatherstripping is indeed one of the best things you can do to ensure that your garage is safe from harsh weather elements, as well as pests like rodents and insects. You also get to enjoy other benefits like a lower energy bill. Have your door assessed by professional garage door repair experts to know what type of weatherstripping is best for you or if your existing one needs a replacement soon.

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