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Why Spring Is the Best Season to Replace Garage Doors

If you are considering changing your garage door and looking for the optimal time to do it, the general consensus points towards doing it in spring! While you are free to schedule your home repair and maintenance whenever you want, finding the best time to get the job done can bring you some advantages to savor.

There are many good reasons for installing or repairing your garage door in spring. It is simply the perfect time because of the following:

1. Wintertime Can Affect Your Garage Door’s Performance

Many houses experience problems opening their garage door during winter. Some of the garage doors at this time get broken springs or lubrication issues, while some get damaged sensors or warped metal. All of these problems occur because of the temperature change, frozen ground, and other factors. Performing corrections and replacing your door during the cold months is not recommended by most technicians as problems could still occur later on.

Spring comes right after winter, making it the perfect time to conduct any necessary tune-ups or replacements. It is better to take action early than to wait until you get frustrated or someone else takes advantage of your broken garage door.

2. The Weather Is Just Right for an Outdoor Job

Spring has always been the prime weather condition for any exterior home improvement project. In spring, the humidity is lower, and the cool weather is milder. It is the weather condition that makes things more comfortable for the contractors. Things are more manageable when it is not too hot or too cold, and when they are feeling their best, you can guarantee that the project would give stellar results.

Additionally, days are longer during the spring and summer days. Therefore your contractors would have more time to accomplish more work during the day.

2. Spring Installation Is the Perfect Time to Prepare for Summer

Your garage door’s electronics can be sensitive to extreme weather conditions. Excessive heat can affect the performance of the sensors and the wires. In some cases, the garage door senses the sun’s intense heat as an obstruction, thereby preventing it from opening or closing correctly.

Aside from the heat, the humidity can also be a problem. The moisture can affect the smooth and frictionless performance of your garage door. Too much moisture can make your door stick or fail to get up and down.

Before any of these problems arise, make sure that your gate is tuned up and ready to face the heat. Doing all the alterations in spring would ensure that your gate is in its best condition before summertime arrives.


Should you need to replace your garage door and you have the luxury to choose when is the ideal timing for you, consider working on it during springtime. If you do, you will enjoy the benefits listed above. However, remember that most households think the same, so contractors’ schedules are more hectic during spring! Plan your home repairs and installation and book services early to prevent this problem.

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