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How Will You Know If Your Garage Door Needs Repairs

Most homeowners use their garage door upwards of 1500 times a year. It’s natural for some wear and tear to occur during the process of opening and closing the garage door day by day. That is why homeowners looking to keep their garages in good condition should prioritize regular maintenance of the doors.

Regular maintenance of the garage door will make sure that your garage doors operate efficiently. What’s more, proper care will prolong its life span! While proactive maintenance is important, so is responsive care. Part of taking care of your garage door is knowing if it needs repairs.

But as a homeowner, how will you know if a garage door repair job is needed? Read on to find out!

1. Your Garage Door Won't Close or Open

A garage door that can't be closed or opened is a garage that’s barely usable. The inability to close or open the garage door is commonly due to a damaged part, such as:

- A stripped gear in the opener

- Worn or broken cables

- A malfunctioning garage door opener.

Another reason is that your garage door's springs can be faulty, too. You may need to replace your garage door springs if it prevents the door from opening or closing.

2. Your Garage Door Makes a Creaking Noise

A garage door that makes creaking and strange sounds can be very annoying. However, it can also be a sign that a garage door repair is needed. If you hear grating or sounds when opening or closing the door, there can be something wrong with its torsion springs. In addition, if you hear a popping sound or a grinding noise when using the garage door, you should check it more carefully. These sounds indicate that garage door repairs are urgently required.

3. Your Garage Door Is Out of Its Track

The rollers that can be found on your garage door aid to open and close gently. But when these rollers are out of their track, the garage door will be difficult to operate. This can occur due to the following reasons:

- A lift cable might be broken

- A vehicle might have run into the door

- One or both the rollers are broken or worn out

- Misalignment of horizontal tracks with the vertical rails

Any of these problems need immediate repairs. Make sure that you contact a reliable garage door company.

4. Your Garage Is Out of Balance

When you notice that your garage door looks like it doesn't close evenly or it seems like sagging, your garage could be out of balance. To better determine if your garage is out of balance, you should turn off the automatic opener and have it manually close or open halfway. If the door keeps on going up or down, something is undoubtedly out of alignment. Make sure that you personally check the balance of your garage door once a month so that you can call for repairs from the time the first signs of misalignment appear.

5. Your Garage Door Gives a Slow Response Time

When your garage door requires more than several seconds to totally open, there are a few DIY solutions you can try. You can start by lubricating the garage door's hinges, tracks, and rollers to make sure that it doesn't stick while opening. The slower its response time, the bigger issue you may have. If the DIY fix doesn’t help, such a situation may need the expertise of a garage door professional.


There are several signs that your garage door may need some repairs. Noticing any of them should encourage you to be more diligent in finding other possible issues. Contact a reliable garage door company to make sure the repair job is completed efficiently and effectively from the get-go!

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