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Garage Door Opener Repair – DIY or Pro Assistance?

Your garage is a part of your house, and being a responsible homeowner means knowing when your garage door opener repair requirements are benign enough for DIY solutions, and when they demand professional garage door opener repair help.

DIY Garage Door Opener Repairs:

1. Neither the wall switch nor the remote control can budge the opener:

If the garage door opener does not respond to the remote control or wall switch, you can be almost certain that it is due to power disruption.

The most common reason for such a disruption is an unplugged motor unit, and the solution lies in ensuring that the cord and door opener are correctly plugged in.

It is also possible that the fuse, GFCI outlet, or circuit breaker powering your door opener circuit has burned out or tripped. The “how to garage door opener repair” answer here is simply resetting the GFCI or breaker, and replacing the damaged fuse.

2. Garage Door Not Responding to Keypad or Remote:

It could be that you are beyond the range of the antenna, and all you need to do is move closer to the garage door. Also ensure that the motor unit antenna is not damaged and is hanging downwards.

If you find that the door opener is working fine with a wall switch, perhaps your keypad or remote- control battery needs replacing.

Garage Door Opener Repairs Requiring Pro Assistance:

1.Obsolete motor:

It is possible that your motor is worn out and is demanding a replacement. Google search for a professional garage door opener repair near me (or just contact us at Dodson Garage Doors) and get your garage door motor examined and, if needed, replaced.

2. Door reversing or stopping halfway through on its way down:

This is indicative of a close-limit switch issue and will require the door opener motor to be adjusted. Similarly, a garage door not opening completely could also be the result of a switch problem which will have to be professionally addressed. This problem can also be due to damaged rollers needing replacement.

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