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5 Garage Door Emergencies You Should Look Out For

The maintenance of keeping up with a home or a commercial property involves countless regular inspections. Without comprehensive care and attention, some things are left to break. Unfortunately, no matter how much you pay attention, you have to expect that something will break or won’t work properly after some time!

Don’t worry, though; it’s completely normal! It happens to almost everybody, every day. A great example of these types of situations is the garage door at home or at work.

Garage doors are made to be heavy-duty, but they’re expected to malfunction at some point due to the daily wear and tear. In addition, they endure a lot of use and temperature changes—two factors that contribute to their troubles. If you’re curious about these possible issues, scroll down and read about the typical garage door emergencies you should look out for.

Emergency #1: Garage Door Won’t Move

Most garage doors are installed with several crucial moving components, such as metal springs, the main drive gear, and a trolley carriage. These three things are prone to rust and corrosion, and, most of the time, will need some regular lubrication and checkups to keep working.

Broken parts that need replacement make for an excellent case to call for a complete garage door repair. This could also be preventive for accidents and injuries in the future!

Emergency #2: Remote Doesn’t Work

Technical issues arise from this point. The ideal step is to check if anything was reprogrammed or if safety sensors are jammed.

However, there’s also the chance that nothing’s broken! Perhaps all you have to do is replace the battery of the remote. If none of these seem to work, your garage door may require a technician’s expertise to remedy.

Emergency #3: It Can’t Close All the Way

It’s problematic for garage doors to suddenly exhibit faulty gears, misaligned doors, a malfunctioning safety sensor, and other mechanical issues. Unfortunately, these are minor problems that could eventually create even bigger ones.

Emergency #4: It Makes a Screeching Noise

There is nothing more annoying than a garage door that makes a screeching sound. It doesn’t only disturb you, but it could disturb your neighbors as well!

When it comes to this situation, it would be best to apply lubricant or adjust the misaligned doors. In more severe cases, you may have to replace its hinges and the springs.

Emergency #5: It Comes Off Track Completely

Garage doors have tracks they have to stay on in order to open and close. If they happen to come off, this is usually due to worn-out rollers or cables, or misalignment from a hit impact.

Note that an off-track garage door instantly becomes a safety hazard. So when this situation occurs, don’t let anybody near the door and immediately call for assistance from your garage door dealer.


When it comes to these emergencies, it may be daunting to perform DIY solutions for your garage door. But, you don’t have to be the hero here! While there are minor problems you could fix yourself, others may pose more dangerous threats. So take extra precautions by calling for professional help, perhaps a technician, to look into more complex mechanical or electrical issues.

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