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5 Common Garage Door Issues and How to Fix These

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Your garage door is one of the most important aspects of a typical American home. Not only does it provide your residence with protection from the elements, but it also adds an extra layer of security when it works properly. The garage often has plenty of things stored in it, such as tools, equipment, and other stored items, which means it is basically classified as a room.

Although garage doors are often sturdy and can take some beatings, they are still human ingenuity products. Human-produced technologies often have a failure rate, and these doors are not spared from parts breaking or incurring damages. They’re also susceptible to a battering from the elements, making this a job for garage door services.

What Can Cause a Broken Garage Door?

Garage doors are not 100 percent perfect, as they are prone to wear and tear. Here are some of the common causes or misconceptions of a broken or worn system:

1. Dried-Up Lubricants

If your door squeaks often, this may be an indication that you need to lubricate it. Like many mechanical devices, a garage door installation must be well-oiled to keep running smoothly. Metal components grinding together will increase the rate at which the parts will wear down, causing the system to lock up.

2. Derailed Sensors

Garages often have plenty of equipment lying around. When you frequently move objects in and out, they can bump things around the area. When the door sensor is bumped while moving things in the room, it may cause the sensor to be derailed. The solution to this problem is just to adjust the sensor back into place.

3. Obstructions

Sometimes, the sensors may experience obstruction from an object. Checking the beams’ smooth flow across the system will ensure that the garage door installation is responsive to the controller’s commands.

4. Engaged Door Locks

As a safety measure, garage doors often come with locking systems that add extra security. Checking the engaged door locks before forcing the door open or identifying it as broken will save lots of time and money, as this is a simple and common occurrence.

5. Worn-Down Components

Garage door repairs will often take a look at the springs and other gears that operate the system. Wear and tear will always affect products, which means components that are heavily used and under stress will give out first. Replacing these is quick, and a good garage door repairs service can do wonders in getting it working in top shape again.

Necessary Checks For Garage Door Installations

These systems are fortunately simple to install and run. With fewer components now than before, checking garage door systems is more straightforward. If a garage door isn’t performing as expected, one of the initial inspections you’ll need to make is to check the door tracks. Some tracks might have developed buildups of leaves, debris, or even nests of pests. Clearing these out will make the treads run smoother, and lubricating these with an oil-based lubricant will make it glide like warm butter on a hot knife.

It is also essential to check your garage door for any warping that might have been caused by a heatwave or hurricane. Any distortion on the door can cause the folding of the sheets to be less smooth. Additionally, checking for loose components can also be done to repair a seemingly broken garage door. Replacing rusty parts and tightening some screws can save the door system, overall saving you tons of money.


Garage door repair services often recommend taking a look at the entire system before going for a full-scale replacement or overhaul. There are plenty of reasons why your door mechanism might not be working up to speed, and a quick diagnosis can save a lot of money. However, most mechanical failures are best fixed by investing in professional services to repair these.

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