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4 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Garage Door

Upgrading your garage door can be a worthwhile investment because it does two things. First, garage doors help increase your curb appeal and, therefore, will get your property value up should you ever decide to sell it. Secondly, a new and upgraded garage door helps secure your home from external threats, be it from the harsh outdoor elements or ill-willed individuals!

This means that deciding on a new garage door shouldn’t be treated lightly. Before jumping the gun on picking out a new garage door, consider these four factors:

1. Material

The most common materials used in garage doors are wood, steel, and wood-plastic composites. However, some garage door dealers also carry fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum frames.

No matter the material, all these types of garage doors will do a great job of securing your home—provided that they are installed correctly, of course! As such, what matters more is how the garage doors will fit the rest of your home’s aesthetics. For example, steel doors are best for modern and minimalist-style dwellings, while wood and wood-plastic composites will do better with contemporary and southwestern-style houses. Pick out what looks and feels best for you so that you can sit comfortably and fashionably inside your home.

2. Design

The construction of your garage door affects both functionality and aesthetics.

The most common garage doors in the US are sectional doors, which are the type you see in retail stores. Sectional doors are made up of several interconnected horizontal panels that are fitted with rollers. Sectional doors open by way of a chain, belt, or screw and can be lifted manually or with a motorized garage door opener. Sectional doors have very little clearance and therefore conserve a lot of space.

The second most popular style of garage doors is the true carriage or swing-style garage doors. They operate as a pair of large French doors and can be made with elaborate grille work. The only downside to swing-style garage doors is that they require more clearance. Unfortunately, if you park too close to swinging doors, you won’t be able to open them.

3. Upkeep

Maintenance is a crucial part of any home improvement project, including garage doors. Most of what makes upkeep a tad more difficult depends on the materials used.

For example, steel garage doors are durable and can be painted to match the rest of your home. However, they can be dented and are prone to corrosion. For this reason, steel garage doors are not ideal for people living near coastal areas, where the air has more salt in it.

Meanwhile, wood can fare better in such areas—but will still need regular maintenance. Without adequate treatment, wood will warp, crack, or flake due to changing weather patterns.

4. Insulation

Some materials are naturally better at insulation. For example, fiberglass will always be better than wood or steel at keeping a stable temperature. That being said, because insulation can be outfitted with (almost) any material, the factor to consider is the garage door design.

Your insulation options are somewhat limited because sectional doors are filled with joints that bend to a roll when stored. When it comes to insulation, swing-style doors take the cake because they seal well at the header.


Garage door installations don’t have to be complicated. However, since the investment is significant, it shouldn’t be taken that lightly either. Before finalizing your purchase decision, explore a few options with your garage door dealer first.

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