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3 Simple Tips on Installing a DIY-Friendly Garage Door Kit Part 1

Garage doors are a fundamental part of any household, and while it doesn’t receive as much aesthetic treatment as you would consider in front doors, it’s a hardware that receives the most action. When it starts to deteriorate, it’s critical to replace it with a new one immediately as it can quickly become a hazard.

Seasoned handymen can take over the installation project, but it’s best to opt for garage door kits since it caters to the DIY market. Nonetheless, handling the materials come with risks without recruiting the right help. Beyond strictly following the manufacturer’s instructions, here are some tips you should know when you plan to take this as a weekend project.

Tip #1: Set Up a Workspace for the Project by Clearing Out the Garage

Lugging around a double garage door that weighs between 250 to 450 pounds is not an easy feat, so you will need all the space you can get to safely work your way around the garage. Any clutter that can make you trip over should be cleared away, along with your vehicles so you can move freely without the risk of damaging your belongings.

Tip #2: Recruit the Help of a Professional When Handling Old Garage Doors

Old garage doors are made with the industry’s standard torsion spring, which can be deadly when it is mishandled. It’s a projectile that can cause serious injury to anyone in its path, so it’s always better to seek help from an expert garage door installer since it is the safest option.

Seeing as professionals can get the job done right the first time, it’s also a more cost-efficient choice. However, if your old garage door is also manufactured as a kit with lighter tension springs, then experienced DIY-ers can manage it better with minimal risks.

Tip #3: Inspect the Garage Door Frame

Be sure to check the garage door frame once the door is out of the picture. It’s the optimal time to see if the material’s condition as signs of wear-and-tear should be addressed, especially when installing a new garage door. Beyond its solid structure, take its measurements to check if it is still level.

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Properly Installing a Garage Door

Experienced handymen can take matters into their own hands and switch the old garage door for a new one thanks to some of the DIY-friendly garage door kits.

The design is made simple enough that weekend warriors can take it on as a home project, but it still requires back-breaking effort. Keep in mind that garage doors often pack a hefty weight and managing the torsion springs can be hazardous, so lugging it around without the proper tools, help or expertise can be risky.

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