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3 Common Garage Door Repair Issues You Need to Watch Out For

The garage is one of the most integral parts of your home, keeping your vehicles, power tools, and other household essentials safe and easily accessible. It can also be an important section of your commercial establishment, serving the same purposes. That’s why you have to keep the doors to it well-maintained.

Unfortunately, there may be common issues that get in the way, forcing you to either get stuck or destroy your valuable assets. As a solution, you need to get well-acquainted with what to expect and address them appropriately.

This article will discuss three garage door repair problems you may usually encounter. Take this as an opportunity to maintain useability and prevent liabilities. This way, you can look after your welfare, security, productivity, and everyday convenience.

Sensor-related malfunctions

Most garage door installations nowadays have state-of-the-art sensors for your convenient use. For instance, you can adjust the speed and height of the opening to your liking. However, there may come a time when it fails to close as intended. One of the main causes is often the beam, the main component responsible for avoiding closure when there’s something in the way of the door, like a vehicle or person.

To address the issue, you can usually look for any blockages in the beam and remove them yourself. For example, there may be some clutter hidden, obscuring the sensor’s functions. You can also call professional garage door repair specialists if you cannot dislodge it to avoid breaking any fragile components and address the errors.

Malfunctioning motor due to lubrication issues

One of the most important maintenance protocols you must remember is lubricating your garage door’s motor as instructed and with the right tools. It prevents the chain drive from getting stuck, affecting its mechanical performance. If you don’t do this enough, you may even have to pay for costly replacement parts just to get things fixed.

As a preventative measure, you should either get to know your garage door owner’s responsibilities, like doing the necessary cleaning and proper upkeep as recommended by your installer. You can also have your garage door inspected and schedule quick tune-ups to avoid inconveniences.

Restricted spring motion during winter months

Your garage door may be using grease on the spring mechanism, allowing the opening and closing of your space when you press the right button. The problem is it can get stuck during the winter as it hardens and locks up. It’s mainly due to the hardened grease, which can either force the door to crash into anything standing in the way. That’s why it’s highly recommended to call the garage door repair specialists to solve this issue.

Although grease hardening may not seem as serious, it’s not something you want to repair without proper supervision, equipment, and experience, especially because it affects torsion spring. Therefore, it can put you in harm’s way and further complicate the situation. It’s best to have your doors checked by garage door service professionals before the winter months to look for ways to prevent spring-related issues.


Dealing with garage door issues can be a nuisance, primarily if it’s not maintained correctly or you rely only on temporary fixes. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of the common repair issues you should watch out for. This way, you have a handle on the fundamentals of preventative measures to keep your garage space running smoothly. Get your door assessed today!

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